All About walkie talkies

What is a walkie talkie?

Also known as an HT or handheld transceivers, walkie talkies are handheld, two-way radio transceivers.

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Walkie talkies are half-duplex communication device used for many applications where it is not possible to use mobile phones. In fact, these devices have been around for many years before the arrival of mobile phones. These devices employ a single radio channel, and only a single device on the channel can transmit voice signals although there is no limit on the number of devices that can listen to the broadcast. You can think of it as a small portable radio that also has the ability to transmit voice signals over a specific wavelength. Only those devices tuned into that particular frequency can receive the transmitted voices. You can use this device to communicate with someone far away even if there is no mobile tower in the vicinity as this equipment operates on a different principle.

Who would use a walkie talkie?

Professionals from different fields use this equipment to communicate with each other. For example, the driver of a train and the guard communicate with each other with the help of this device. Staffs of construction companies use this device, as it permits them to talk with other members of the group even when they are not in sight. For example, an engineer standing high atop a building under construction uses this gadget to communicate with the crane operator, telling him which way to move the object the crane is carrying so that the crane operator can put down the object at the appropriate place. Law enforcement agencies also depend on this device to communicate with others. However, they use a unique frequency not allotted to the public. Small models of walkie talkies are available for sale to kids. However, the broadcasting range of this version is limited to a couple of hundred meters. The device is also used in the dock where communication is vital between the staff of the shipping and clearing agencies use it to communicate between members on the ship and those on the ground when uploading or downloading heavy crates to and from the ship.

What are the benefits of using the walkie talkie?

Unlike lots of cellular phones, these devices are manufactured to provide clear interaction between the users in many types of weather conditions. They often include functionalities that lower the wind sound and permit resistance to vibration, wet conditions, and severe temperature levels. Since they are independent of mobile towers, one can use them in places where no cellular signals are available such as the desert. During emergencies, this device provides instant communication and permits people to demand immediate help. As such, these two-way radios are handy in times of crisis.

When do people use walkie talkies?

People use this device to communicate with another individual or a group of people when no mobile towers are present. Also, setting the frequency allows them to talk confidently in the knowledge that nobody other apart from people of their group can speak with and listen to each other.