Packing for Nepal: Tips on what to pack

Traveling to Nepal can be a great experience. But, this is only if you are going to pack the right stuff for your trip. It can be so easy to pack the wrong stuff and end up purchasing the things that you need really expensively in Nepal. With these things that you need to have with you, you will make sure that you have the best experience visiting Nepal:

Headlamp with lots of batteries

Because of the amount of power cuts that they experience in Nepal, you need to make sure that you have a headlamp with lots of batteries with you. You don’t want to get stranded without a light when they have one of their famous power cuts.

You can purchase one in Nepal, but this isn’t really recommended. This is because this is expensive to purchase there, because of the shortage for electricity. It is best if you are bringing one from home with you.

Comfortable shoes

If you are on holiday in Nepal, the last thing that you want is shoes that are uncomfortable. This will make you’re exploring really hard and difficult. Too many people are struggling to get to all the attractions that Nepal has to offer, because of the shoes that they are wearing.

And, purchasing new shoes isn’t recommended, because you don’t walk long distances with new shoes. Your feet will hurt for sure.

Voltage converter

Depending on which country you are coming from, you might need to have a voltage converter for your adapters. You need to take your cellphone with you and not having the right voltage converter might mean that you are going to damage your phone.

This is something that you should do research about, so that you can know beforehand if you should have a voltage converter when you are going to Nepal.

The right clothing

You should also make sure that you are packing the right clothing. There are some strict rules about what you should wear and you can struggle to find a restaurant that will serve you if you aren’t dressed appropriately.  You also need to take the season in consideration when you are packing your clothing. With research you will know more about the rules that they have for what you are allowed to wear and what not.

Nepal is an interesting country where you can have the best time. But, only if you are making sure that you are taking these things with you when you are traveling there. This is going to make sure that you have all the essential things needed for a trip to Nepal. And, don’t forget to bring your headlight or flashlight with as many batteries as possible with you.

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